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A Peace March held in Tallin

Video info

Date: 2016-09-10 22:45:12
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:12

Event description

On Saturday, September 10, a "Peace March" against the militarization of Estonia by military units of NATO allies was held in Tallinn. According to the organizers of the "Peace March", this event is an absolutely civil initiative, designed to draw the attention of the residents of Estonia and of Europe to "abnormal total militarization perpetuated by the local authorities at the behest of the United States of America."


00:00-00:06 Balloons with peace symbols
00:06-00:11 Participants of the rally with a poster
00:11-00:17 Participants of the rally, handing out balloons
00:17-00:27 Procession
00:27-00:33 Procession through the Old Tallinn
00:33-00:37 Participants of the rally with a poster
00:37-00:45 Procession through the Old Tallinn
00:45-00:48 Participant of the rally with the loudspeaker
00:48-00:53 Placards with anti-NATO symbols
00:53-01:03 March around Old Tallinn
01:03-01:11 Rally in Liberty square
01:11-01:16 Participants of the rally
01:16-01:26 the leader of the meeting says the speech
01:26-01:31 Procession through the Old Tallinn
01:31-01:41 Procession through the Old Tallinn
01:41-02:12 Interview with Neyme Lall, the participant of the Peace March


Neyme Lall
participant of the Peace March

01:41-02:12 (Ru) Those who want peace, those are not Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians. Just people who want to live in the world. In a world where peace is the normal state. Don't need war. This itself is a bad idea!

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