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Air force exercises take place in Estonia

Video info

Date: 2016-04-20 18:45:16
Place: Amari, Estonia
Duration: 1:24

Event description

In the airspace of Estonia two-day teachings of the NATO Ramstein Alloy 1 began in Estonia. The pilots of NATO countries will practice combat, search and escorting of the aircraft, which does not communicate, pointing the aircraft at the target. The exercises involve fighter jets Eurofighter Typhoon from Spain, Poland F-16, stationed in Amari F-16 fighter jets from Belgium, a NATO aircraft with the AWACS system E-3 and transport aircraft C-27 from air forces of Lithuania, as well as the F-18 air force Sweden and Finland which are not NATO members.


00:00-00:13 Eurofighter Typhoon, Spain air force goes for takeoff
00:13-00:24 Eurofighter Typhoon in flight
00:24-00:30 Radio reconnaissance Aircraft AWACS E-3 flies
00:30-00:37 AWACS E-3 landing
00:37-00:46 AWACS E-3 is on the runway
00:46-00:51 AWACS E-3 turns on parking
00:51-00:57 AWACS E-3 turns on parking
00:57-01:06 AWACS E-3 inspected by mechanics
01:06-01:14 Eurofighter Typhoon in the parking lot
01:14-01:19 Sign of radiation danger
01:19-01:24 Sign of belonging to the flight division

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