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Ashes Soviet red army soldiers were handed over to the Russian side

Video info

Date: 2017-04-14 21:43:29
Place: Narva, Estonia
Duration: 3:44

Event description

In Ivan-Gorod (the Russian-Estonian border) the ashes of three Soviet red army soldiers found by the trackers in Estonia were handed over to the Russian side. A solemn meeting was held on this occasion. Three years ago the Estonian participants of search group “Kamerad” found fragments of the Soviet bomber PE-2 in the forest. Trackers were able to detect the remains of three pilots and have established their identity. The plane – a heavy bomber was shot down in the battle for the liberation of Estonia on March 26, 1944.


Paul Stшmmer
the head of search group “Komerad”

03:09-03:44 (RU) it all has started with the legends. In ' 89, me and 4 enthusiasts from club “Kamerad” began to look for information about this plane. In the end, we found the forester, who drew a sheme on the ground where the aircraft should be found. And we went under this scheme.

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