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Estonia has been the capital of sports cars

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Date: 2015-07-28 15:47:41
Place: Parnu, Estonia
Duration: 2:45
FullHD video size: 207.58 MB
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Event description

In the Estonian city of Pärnu from 22 to 26 July on the track "Audru" within the racing series Gran Turismo 70 sport luxury cars competed in speed. They arrived from Stockholm, their total value exceeds 10 millions euros. The most expensive of them – Lamborghini Aventador – worth of 400 thousand euros. In addition, in the list of supercars from Scandinavia there were Bentley, McLaren, Lotus, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, etc. Series of events for owners of super cars Gran Turismo is visiting Estonia for the fourth time. Gran Turismo is a series of events designed for owners of supercars, used to commit rallies in various countries of Europe and visit the best European racing circuit.


00:00-00:06 supercars go around the bend
00:06-00:14 car skid on a wet track
00:14-00:19 Porshe GT comes to Parking
00:19-00:23 car goes straight
00:23-00:30 Porshe GT skid on a wet track
00:30-00:36 Ferrari passes the turn
00:36-00:41 Parking with supercars
00:41-00:45 the driver of the Ferrari supercar buttoning helmet
00:45-00:49 brand name Ferrari on the wing of the car
00:49-01:00 disc with Ferrari logo
01:00-01:18 supercars go to the start
01:18-01:26 supercars passing on a wet track
01:26-01:32 Parking with supercars
01:32-01:38 the rear of the car Ferrari
01:38-01:44 a number of supercars from the back
01:44-01:50 Ferrari in the Parking lot
01:50-01:56 Lamborghini in the Parking lot
01:56-01:58 Nissan GTR flashing headlights
01:58-02:16 exhaust pipe of Nissan GTR supercar roars at the start
02:16-02:24 Pilot of supercar
02:24-02:33 Luggage compartment of supercar
02:33-02:45 Ferrari turning from the Parking lot

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