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Estonian farmers protest

Video info

Date: 2016-09-12 19:12:01
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 1:44

Event description

Today,the strike was carried out by the Estonian farmers in a square in Tallinn Toompea , which aims to encourage the public to pay attention to the consequences of protracted agricultural crisis. 10 000 liters of fresh local milk from farmers, which is dayly put on the tables of Estonians, will be brought to the square. Organizers say that each bottle will remind the politicians about the best European cows, which during the last two years due to the economic climate went abroad or went to slaughter.


00:00-00:07 the Square of Toompea in Tallinn
00:07-00:23 the Bottle of milk, the square, piled with bottles of milk
00:23-00:31 Wooden cow
00:31-00:40 Inside a wooden cow farmers push the packets of juice from concentrate
00:40-00:47 Inside a wooden cow farmers push the packets of juice from concentrate
00:47-00:53 Protest poster
00:47-00:59 Number of milk bottles
00:59-01:06 Wooden cow lead by leash
01:06-01:13 Estonian farmer
01:13-01:18 Wooden cow
01:18-01:34 Wooden cow
01:34-01:41 Area with bottles of milk

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