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In Estonian schools talk about the terrible Russians

Video info

Date: 2017-03-30 21:58:50
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:41

Event description

The mother of Russian second-grader, who is studying in Estonian school wrote to the editor of She told that her Russian child experiences an uncomfortable situation during the lesson. In the list of obligatory literature for students of the second class there is the book that, according to the woman words, directly discriminare people of Russian nationality. The book tells the story of a girl Ilon, who lived for some time with her grandmother, and what a horror happened in front of her eyes. The girl played the piano, knew German, but refused to learn Russian , because she was very afraid of its speakers. As pointed out by the author of the letter, the Russians were so terrible, that they feared even adults. For example, grandpa was hiding the radio in the cellar under the kitchen from them. The girl herself periodically saw nightmares about that the Russians are coming, starting to yell and take them out of their house.


Alice Blintcova
human rights activist

02:22-02:41 (Ru) This book is a typical example of the incitement of national hatred. The children are encouraged to read a book about Stalin's repressions, but everything is presented in such a way that repression was produced only by Russians against Estonians

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