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Estonians protest against refugee quotas

Video info

Date: 2015-06-06 14:50:07
Place: Tallin, Estonia
Duration: 1:43

Event description

Rally was organized by activists, who are against islamization of Estonia and doesn't want to accept refugees in our country. Estonians are against the European Union plans to introduce a quota system to distribute migrants across its member states. The EU plans to implement quota to deal with a growing number of refugees from Africa and the Middle East, who have managed to reach the European shores. Currently Italy, Greece and Malta have been largely left alone to deal with the worst migration crisis in years. Estonia has for long taken a very strict stance against refugee policies. The country has refused to be part of the UN Refugee Agency's displacement programs and taken a firm stand against any solidarity mechanisms within the EU, according to NGO Estonian Refugee Council. Only a few dozen people a year are granted asylum in Estonia.


00:00-00: 08 Tallinn residents gather for protest action
00:08-00: 16 people with placards gather for protest
00:16-00: 23 people listen to speech activists
00:23-00: 31 people listen to speech activists
00:31-00: 37 people listen to speech activists
00:37-00: 50 people listen to speech activists
00:50-00: 58 speech activist
00:58-01:04 Poster "quota for Estonia - 0 Man", "Estonia is not ready to receive refugees"
01:04-01:13 people listen to speech activists
01:13-01:19 people with placards "Estonia come out of the EU"
01:19-01:25 Estonian girl burka
01:25-01:43 Interview with a party rally Gaida Magi


Gaida Magi

01:25-01:35(en) It is dangerous for our nation and our stability. Because as I read, 95% of coming are muslims and according to official report, there is 10% - 15% jihad fighters

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