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Five hundred Estonian bikers opposed the admission of refugees from Africa

Video info

Date: 2015-07-04 19:10:55
Place: Vao, Estonia
Duration: 1:40

Event description

In the village of Vao, where the camp for illegal migrants is located,  about a thousand bikers came together. They were very warmly received by local residents. Bikers support residents of Vao, who don't want  camp for illegal immigrants to be expanded and enlarged. Now the camp has a capacity of 35 refugees, but there are already more than 80. By the end of the year, by the decree of the European Commission, Estonia is obliged to accept up to 1,000 refugees from Africa. Locals fear that so many people with a completely different culture and mentality will destroy Estonian ethnicity. About a month ago, the European Commission obliged the Baltic States to accept the placement of more than 3 thousands of illegal refugees from North Africa. However, residents of the Baltic States carried out numerous protests against such solve order.


00:00-00:14 Bikers taking off to the village of Vao from the center of Tallinn
00:14-00:21 Path on Vao is open! Bikers ride on the highway.
00:21-00:34 Travel through the tunnel
00:34-00:45 Bikers ride on the highway
00:45-00:51 Bikers ride on the highway
00:51-00:58 Biker, riding chopper Honda, goes down the road
00:58-01:04 Convoy of bikers approaching Vao
01:04-01:11 Bikers ride to a Parking lot
01:11-01:16 Bikers ride to a Parking lot
01:16-01:22 backer on road motorcycle
01:22-01:40 interview with the participant Nive Lell


Nive Lell
action participant
01:22-01:40(ru) We are not ready for such a European policy that our stinking government is trying to impose. Today's historic event is taking place and soon we will see how this will end.

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