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Highway near Tallinn became the airfield

Video info

Date: 2016-08-01 14:45:47
Duration: 1:24

Event description

Attack aircraft of the U.S. air force A-10 Thunderbolt worked off landing on highway as part of the exercise Saber Strike in Estonia. A special expanded section of highway was built in Soviet times as a backup runway and can be still used. Attack aircraft A-10 arrived in Estonia from the air base Lielvarde in Latvia, and later returned back. Exercise Saber Strike is held by the command of the land forces of the USA in Europe. About 10 thousand military personnel from 13 NATO countries and partner countries take part in it: Estonia, Denmark, UK, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Luxembourg, Norway, France, Slovenia, Finland and Germany. Participating entities are distributed across the three Baltic countries. About 1.5 thousand soldiers from the USA arrived in Estonia in frames of the exercise. Latvia and Lithuania, sent to Estonia division-sized groups, Finland — mechanized infantry platoon. In addition, staff officers from Denmark and Slovenia arrived in Estonia.

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