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John McCain visited Tallinn

Video info

Date: 2015-08-21 16:04:18
Place: Tallin, Estonia
Duration: 2:0

Event description

A delegation of U.S. senators led by Senator from Arizona and former presidential candidate from Republicans, John McCain visited Estonia during two days. Along with McCain Estonia was visited by Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse and Republican John Barrasso. The visit to Estonia is a part of a large tour, during which senators will also visit Norway, Sweden and Latvia. The main theme of the visit is cybersecurity, and opposition to Russian propaganda.


00:00-00:08 Senator McCain is in the room for press conferences
00:08-00:15 Senator McCain welcomes Estonian journalists
00:15-00:21 Senator McCain communicates informally with journalists
00:21-00:27 Senator McCain leaves room for press conferences
00:27-00:32 Senator McCain in the delegation goes to the plane on the flight field
00:32-00:39 Senator McCain in the delegation goes to the plane on the flight field
00:39-00:43 Senator McCain in the delegation goes to the plane on the flight field
00:43-00:52 Senator McCain climbs the ramp
00:52-00:58 General view of the aerodrome and the plane of Senator McCain
00:58-01:06 Delegation of Senator McCain says goodbye to Estonia
01:06-02:00 Interview with the Senator from Arizona John McCain


John McCain

01:06-02:00 (En) I do not contemplate a serious military conflict, but I do think Vladimir Putin's behavior can be countered by a strong alliance and relationship and presence of american troops, and others, all of us operating together and going back the old Ronald Reagan's - the peace through strength. I believe that to show solidarity among all of the NATO, especially with the U.S. leadership, and the value that we place on the Baltics, will hopefully send a message to Vladimir Putin, that if he did contemplate such action, he will be facing united and strong opposition.

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