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Recall victims of World War II in Estonia

Video info

Date: 2017-07-29 16:16:03
Place: Sinimäe, Estonia
Duration: 1:30

Event description

On Saturday morning in Estonian Sinemäe were laid wreaths to the memorial to the fallen Legionnaires of the 20th Estonian division of the Waffen SS, as well as to the monument to the Red Army soldiers who died in the Second World War. The laying of wreaths is a tribute to all that fell in Sinimäe, regardless of whose side the soldiers fought, as well as a tribute to the peaceful inhabitants who died and suffered during the hostilities. Battles between the Red Army and Wehrmacht troops from July 25 to August 12, 1944 in Sinimäe became the most bloody fighting clashes in Estonia. The exact number of deaths in these battles has still not been established, it is estimated that only Estonians killed more than 2500 people. The fighting in Sinimäe also led to destruction throughout the region in the Northeast of Estonia. Estonia has repeatedly condemned both totalitarian regimes that occupied the country, as well as crimes against humanity committed by their accomplices.

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