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The court cancelled the fines for activists of ”Immortal regiment”

Video info

Date: 2017-02-22 18:13:15
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 1:30

Event description

in Tallin On 22nd of February a meeting in the Harju County court in the case of participants of ”Immortal regiment” against the police Department and border guard Board of Estonia was held in Tallin. The decision of the court which previously assigned fines was cancelled. The court case was initiated by five members of the Tallinn March ”Immortal regiment”, held on the 9th of May, 2016, Sergei Seredenko, Sergei Menkov, Alexei Isakov, Sergey Chaulin and Allan Handsom. They protested their assigned police fines. According to the police, they broke ”the law on the protection order,” regulating the holding of public events in Estonia. They got fines from 60 to 180 euros. Today the court noted the decision and the fines were cancelled.




Sergei Seredenko
the defendant

01:22 -01:30 (Ru) The assigned penalty is annulled, a decision on the punishment is cancelled, case dismissed.

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