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The Estonians asked not to bury the Russians in the local cemetery

Video info

Date: 2017-06-13 17:55:12
Place: Jõhvi, Estonia
Duration: 2:3

Event description

According to the Estonian inhabitants of the city of Jõhvi, Slavic tombstones-monuments with massive fences and "plastic colors of screaming colors" destroy Estonian cemetery culture. Nearly 60 Estonians signed the appeal. In the opinion of the authors of the appeal, from the Soviet times in the cemetery in Jõhvi, the destruction of the Estonian cemetery culture - graves and tombstones. Only local deputies can approve this division.


Eduard Ast
head of Jõhvi

01:37-02:03 (Ru) People just expressed their concern that the cemetery is not in an orderly state. This is the result of previous decades, when the cemetery was not run by the city. People want to make the burial places in accordance with the culture of burial.

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