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The flagship headquarters landing ship Mount Whitney arrived in Tallin

Video info

Date: 2016-06-02 18:05:51
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:31
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Event description

The flagship headquarters landing ship of the US sixth fleet, Mount Whitney, which will take part exercises Baltops, starting this Friday, arrived in Tallin on Tuesday. The ship will stay docked in Tallinn for three days, then will go on teaching in the sea on Sunday. The ship of such class has arrived in Estonia for the first time. The Baltops maneuvers will be attended by 15 ships of the NATO countries. The exercises are commanded by Vice-Admiral James Foggo, commander of the 6th US Navy. Baltops is held since 1971, 44 times, the current maneuvers will end on the 19th of June.


00:00-00:06 American landing ship Mountain Whitney
00:06-00:13 the pilot-ship-the, accompanies Mountain Whitney
00:13-00:23 American naval officers
00:23-00:27 Sailors on board
00:27-00:37 American naval officers on board of the ship
00:37-00:43 Command bridge
00:43-00:49 Tourists looking at the ship Mountain Whitney
00:49-00:53 Tourists in the port, where Whitney Mountain arrived
00:53-00:59 Huge ocean liner
00:59-01:04 Tallink cruise liner comes into the port of Tallinn
01:04-01:09 Machine-Gun nest on board of Mountain Whitney
01:09-01:15 Aerial vehicle on Mountain Whitney
01:15-01:22 Installation of the ladder
01:22-01:27 American sailors
01:27-01:34 Sailing in the waters of the port of Tallinn
01:34-01:40 American naval officer
01:40-02:31 the speech of the commander of the 6th fleet of the USA James Foggo


James G. Foggo
U.S. Navy Rear Adm.

01:40-02:31 (En) Capability and inter ability can only be developed and those skills owned, by going to sea. Exercising with life troops and life weapons, and testing the networks, we will use should we be cold to respond to the crisis, to make shure, they will function together. So, Baltops is now firmly the part of the adaptation platform that we use large exercise to demonstrate that NATO is committed to the security of this region and to maintaining freedom and access. Our moto for this exercise is BUSS - Baltic, Unity, Strength and Security. It is easy for our sailors to remember and it is what it's all abut.  

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