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The NATO pilots carried out in Estonia teachings BRTE XXI

Video info

Date: 2015-06-02 18:40:34
Place: Amari air base, Estonia
Duration: 2:21

Event description

The exercise involved the pilots of the air force of Britain and Italy Eurofighter Typhoon , the Finnish F-18, the Lithuanian transport aircraft C-27, German combat aircraft Panavia Tornado and aircraft NATO AWACS E-3. Flight control will take place in the dispatch center of air operations in Ameri with the support of the aircraft warning systems and airspace management AWACS. During the exercise firing at ground targets was also heldin the Central polygon of the defence Forces.


00:00-00:07 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon in the sky
00:07-00:12 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon in the sky
00:12-00:35 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon is landing and taking off
00:35-00:43 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon in the sky
00:43-01:02 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon lands
01:02-01:21 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon is moving on the runway
01:21-01:36 2 jets Eurofighter Typhoon moving on the runway
01:36-01:40 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon on maintainance
01:40-01:46 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon in the hangar
01:46-01:49 air jets of aircraft
01:49-01:53 Element of the fuselage of the aircraft
01:53-01:58 The jet Eurofighter Typhoon
01:58-02:21 Interview with general Frank Gorenc


Frank Gorenc
General. Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe
01:58-02:21(en) It’s an opportunity to develop the inner capability necessary to create standardised tactics techniques procedures and practice together and certainly to develop relationships necessary to operate underground when the time comes with the most effectiveness.

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