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The pickets at the Norwegian embassies

Video info

Date: 2015-05-30 14:25:09
Place: Tallin, Estonia
Duration: 2:55

Event description

Within the frames of the world program of children protection, 14 countries held pickets near the embassies of Norway, targeted against the Norwegian state policy of mass removal of children from parents. The purpose of this action is to attract public attention to the devastating effect of the organs of juvenile justice activities. Parents, being avare of their children’s future, came to Norwegian embassies in their countries with photos of withdrawn Norwegian children and with posters of protest. Similar actions took place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic and Turkey.


00:00-00:06 General plan a meeting at the Norwegian Embassy, dozens of people
00:06-00:13 Father and son
00:13-00:20 a Woman holds a protest leaflet
00:20-00:23 Women demand to stop the stealing of children by the Norwegian authorities
00:23-00:27 poster "Stop barnevernet"
00:27-00:32 protesters with placards
00:32-00:39 protesters and a small child
00:39-00:46 Placards with protest slogans in Estonian
00:46-00:53 Poster in Russian: "Today. Tomorrow is Estonia?"
00:53-01:00 poster in Russian "Bring children to the parents!"
01:00-01:07 Little boy
01:07-01:14 People joining the protest
01:14-01:19 Parents with children
01:19-01:26 Parents and children with placards
01:26-01:32 Russian girl picture "may there always be Mama!"
01:32-02:11 Interviews (eng) with Anastasia Raya
a member of the organization "Parents of Estonia"
02:11-02:55 Interview (rus) with Isabella Tamuhina
mother mom arrested


Anastasia Raya
a member of the organization "Parents of Estonia"
01:32-02:11(en) We came here today, because to attract peoples attention of people to a problem, which happens in Norway. Which is exactly – the violation of human rights: rights of parents and rights of children. And we know that it is happening because United Nations Organization condemned Norway that they degraded to level B of human rights - on the same level of Chad and Tajikistan

Isabella Tamuhina
mother mom arrested
02:11-02:55(ru) She took her kid to visit his dad and didn’t get him back . She waited for two months and came to take her son back, but father kicked her away. She waited again and then came and took her child home – but instantly she was accused in kidnapping. Return our mom!

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