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The sailor cat wanted!

Video info

Date: 2015-08-20 10:49:27
Place: Tallinn, Estonia
Duration: 2:33

Event description

The captain of the Estonian vessel Katharina Heikki Haldre posted on the job portal vacancy for a ship's cat for the team. Among the qualities that should be possessed by the applicant for the vacancie, there are independence, determination and energy. In addition, the cat must have good eyesight and hearing, and be able to swim, not afraid of water, storm and the fast pace of work, which consists in catching rodents. The listing also indicates that the advantage will be given to a marine education and experience in similar work. In return, the cat will be given work it would like, free accomodation in the area of registry of the ship in Tallinn, the food in unlimited quantities, and the ability to sleep at any time of the day. One of the candidates — cat Osbourne has already begun to undergo a probation period of 2 months.


00:00 00:12 Captain stands near the helm and keeps the cat in his arms
00:12-00:18 cat tries to escape from the hands of captain
00:18-00:23, the Captain is petting the cat who sits by the window
00:23-00:35 cat sits and looks out the window
00:35-00:48 the Captain carries the cat in the wardroom
00:48-00:57 the Captain is petting the cat
00:57-01:03 the Captain took the cat in his hands
01:03-01:06 cat in cabins-campaign room
01:06-01:16 cat sitting on chair and meows
01:16-01:23 the Ship Katharina front perspective view
01:23-01:27 the Ship Katharina type of ship superstructure
01:27-01:32 the Ship Katharina side elevational view
01:32-01:38 Command cleaning the ship
01:38-01:44 Pier with ships
01:44-02:11 interview with the captain Heikki Haldre
02:11-02:33 interview with the captain Heikki Haldre


Heikki Haldre

01:44-02:11 (En) Well, by the low the ships need to have a fight with the rats. This is by the low - every ship has to do that. There are two options. Option number one what most of the people do in the professional sailing business - there are companies, which take care of the rats. The second option - what we decided to choose - is to employ the cat on the ship.

02:11-02:33 (En) It has to be not just a cat - the Euro certified cat, which means you need to spend a lot on veterinary, on the vaccines, on the health care, on the cat food, etc. So this is rather an expensive stuff to keep the cat on board. 

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