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In Estonia, memorial days of fighting with the red army

Video info

Date: 2016-07-30 20:13:29
Place: Sinimäe, Estonia
Duration: 2:31

Event description

n the town of Sinimäe near the Estonian-Russian border. A meeting of veterans of the 20th Grenadier division of the SS was held on Saturday. In these places, the so-called Tannenberg line, the most violent fighting on the territory of Estonia in the summer of 1944 were held and retreating Nazi troops from the advancing red Army. Under Sinimäe, several months of fierce fighting happened in 1944. In the battle the losses on both sides in killed and wounded were about 200 thousand people. The meeting began with the anthem of Estonia. Then the chaplains of the Estonian defence forces laid wreaths at the memorial to Grenadier soldiers who fought on the side of Nazi Germany. 


00:00-00:05 Gathering of the participants
00:05-00:11 Participants
00:11-00:16 Flowers in the hands of the participant
00:16-00:20 Senior participant of the event
00:20-00:26 Participants
00:26-00:31 Estonian officer
00:31-00:36 Participants listen to the speech
00:36-00:40 Participants
00:40-00:45 T-shirt with a strange symbol
00:45-00:51 the participants listen to the speech
00:51-00:54 the participants listen to the speech
00:54-01:00 Officers of the Estonian army
01:00-01:06 the participants
01:06-01:18 the laying of flowers
01:18-01:34 Laying flowers
01:34-01:43 Laying flowers
01:43-01:49 the Legionnaires ' Monument
01:49-01:55 the participants of the meeting
01:55-02:31 Interview with Hendrik Karro, a member of the fighting in Sinimae


Hendrik Karro
Participants to the hostilities in Sinimae

01:55 - 02:31 (Ee) I'm the last living pilot who participated in combat operations from the Gulf of Finland to lake Peipsi and in the battles of Sinimae. On July 25, 1944 I had in my 19-year-old birthday and I was to bomb the area of Vaivara instead of raising a glass for own health.

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