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FullHD & SD video footages

Published on this site video can buy legal and private persons for the price shown next to video item (VAT included). There is some video free of charge.
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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions define the relationship between the holder of the Internet portal (hereinafter, the portal) and the owner of its contents, (hereinafter, Owner) and registered users of the online Protal (hereinafter Users). By creating an account, you accept these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

1. The Internet portal

1.1. The Internet portal contains video content (hereinafter - Video) that are created and prepared by the Owner, which Users can download for a fee specified on the web-portal. Terms and conditions define the rights and obligations between the owner and the User in relation to the downloading and use of Videos.

2. Registration and creation of the User account

2.1. In order to download and/or view the content of the Internet portal, the User must register on the web portal and create personal account using your username, password, email address, full name and surname or name of the company. After registration, the User receives a confirmation email about registration, containing user name and password. In order to confirm the creation of a User account, the User must confirm the registration, which will be followed by recieving of another email confirming the creation of a User account. From this point the User can purchase the Video that was posted on the Internet portal.
2.2. The user is responsible for keeping his\her username and password in secrecy, and the User is responsible for activities that occur using his\her account. The user is obliged to inform the Owner about any threat to the security of the account, immediately after the threat becames known. The owner assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to third parties by wrongful use  of the User account.
2.3. The user, by creating an account, is obliged to provide complete and real information about him or herself, and also undertakes to make changes, if any occure. The user agrees that the Owner maintains and uses data User provides for User account and receiving payments.

3. The use of purchases made on the Internet portal

3.1. After the acquisition of the Video, the User has no right to transfer Videos to third parties, either for a fee or without it. The user has the right to use the purchased Video only for their own needs.
3.2. The user has no right to make changes in the acquired Video or to change its contents, thus distorting the facts and events shown on the Video.
3.3. The owner is not responsible, for what purposes and how the User uses purchased Video.
3.4. The user has no right to demand the return of money paid for the purchase of Video. The user, downloading the selected Video and paying for the Video, certifies that he is familiar with Video description and accessible free Video fragment and that Video uploaded fully complies with the requirements and desires of the User.
3.5. The user has no right to use the Video for promotional purposes.

4. Copyright

4.1. The owner is the absolute and sole owner of the content of the Internet portal, including, but not Video only. Without the prior written consent of the Owner is strictly prohibited to copy, distribute, share, or modify any Videos, materials or software posted on the Internet portal or material contained in further support, except for the cases provided for in these terms and conditions.
4.2. The owner reserves the right in its sole discretion to make changes to the proposed content of the web site or services and delete them.

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