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A box with unique items of Jewish organization “Betar” found in Latvia

Video info

Date: 2016-09-13 14:16:20
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:29

Event description

Searchers from the group “the Legend” in the town of Baldone, during the study of the soil in the battlefields, discovered a zinc box in which the symbols of the Jewish organization “Betar”, liquidated by the Bolsheviks after the occupation of Latvia in 1940-m to year, were kept. All things are preserved in excellent condition and are of great value, pointing to the life of the Jews in the time of independence. A box was presented to Rabbi Barkahan, the head of the organization “Shamir”.


00:00-00:03 the searchers get the box out of the car
00:03-00:06 the man carrying the box
00:06-00:11 the man carrying a box
00:11-00:22 Rabbi Menachem Barkahan meets searchers
00:22-00:26 Rabbi Menachem Barkahan takes the box and puts into the room
00:26-00:34 Drawer opens
00:34-00:43 Flag of Beitar
00:43-00:48 Rabbi Barkahan looking at objects out of the box
00:48-00:57 Rabbi Barkahan looking at objects out of the box
00:57-01:11 Rabbi Barkahan looking at objects out of the box
01:11-01:18 Flags of Beitar
01:18-01:30 Tip for the flag in the form of minoras
01:30-01:37 Flags of Beitar
01:37-01:46 Rabbi Barkahan folds the flag
01:46-02:29 Interview with Rabbi Menachem Barkahan, the head of the Jewish community “Shamir” (Riga)


Menachem Barkahan 
the Rabbi, head of Jewish community “Shamir”

01:46-02:29 (Ru) This has lain in the earth for 74 years. And still very well preserved. This way we find confirmation of the fact what was the Jewish life here. This way we find what happened after the Soviet occupation. These special carnations with minoras, were wrapped in the newspaper of the 16th of August, 1940

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