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A solemn meeting was prepared to the American soldiers in Latvia

Video info

Date: 2017-02-17 13:42:37
Place: Adazi, Latvia
Duration: 2:35

Event description

Soldiers of the 1st battalion, of the 68th armored regiment, of the 3rd armored brigade combat team of the U.S. army "Silver lions" celebrated its arrival in Latvia on the February, 17. On this occasion a solemn meeting of the American military took placeat a military base in Adazi. American troops on Latvian land were welcomed by the commander of the National armed forces of Latvia Leonid Kalninsh, commander of an infantry brigade of Land forces of Latvia Ilmars Atis Lejinsh, as well as the Ambassador of the USA in Latvia Nancy Bikoff Petit and the commander of the 1st battalion, of the 68th armored regiment, 3rd armored brigade combat team of the U.S. army Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Kephart. A new contingent of American soldiers arrived in Latvia in rotation, to participate in operation Atlantic Resolve.


Nancy Bikoff Pettit
Ambassador of the United States of America to Latvia

01:46-02:35 (En) We expect the US presence to continue here for a while and we are still coordinating with our partners in Latvia and other NATO allies but we are, the US are the lead nation in Poland. As you know the Germany is the lead nation in Lithuania and the UK is the lead nation in Estonia. So the lead nations have the responsibilities for putting together the forces that will be in each of the Baltic countries as well, as Poland. And plans are in excellent shape and we are all looking forward to the Cannadian arrival sometime in summer here, in Latvia.

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