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Blackhawk helicopters made it to Latvia from the second attempt

Video info

Date: 2017-03-01 15:01:00
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:16

Event description

Five American helicopters arrived in Latvia as a part of the operation Atlantic Resolve. In Riga airport they were taken by the transport plane of the U.S. air force. Along with military equipment, the military personnel of Phoenix brigade of the 10th aviation brigade of the U.S. army arrived. The 10th aviation brigade of the 3rd Aviation battalion of General support "Phoenix" is the first aviation brigade, which arrived in Europe in the rotation process, to demonstrate the readiness of the US and NATO to maintain security of Europe. As reported, 2,200 soldiers, 86 helicopters and more than 700 pieces of equipment will be sent to Latvia, Germany and Romania. Currently there is another battalion equipped with Apache attack helicopter in the forces of the the US army in Europe, 1st battalion, 3rd aviation regiment, part of the 12th combat aviation brigade based in Ansbach, Germany.


Nancy Bikoff Pettit
Ambassador of the United States of America to Latvia

01:26-02:16 (EN) These soldiers and the aircraft are clear demonstration of US commitments and the US enduring pledge to the defense and the security of Latvia. In addition, this deployment demonstrates the broader commitment to the transatlantic alliance and to NATO article 5. Over the past years the special relationship between our countries - the US and Latvia - are deepened and they will continue to grow. And I think, this is another demonstration of our friendship with a close NATO ally. This year thousands of US soldiers will rotate through Latvia to participate in exercises and training and they will continue to build the close ties with their Latvian confreres.

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