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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Riga

Video info

Date: 2016-11-04 17:50:15
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:21
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Event description

Li Keqiang is also here for a meeting between the heads of the governments of China and 16 central and eastern European (CEE) countries, or the "16+1" summit. This is the first time for a Chinese premier to visit Latvia since it declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Upon arrival, Li said the 16+1 cooperation mechanism has seen steady development and fruitful results since it was founded in 2012, and has become a key platform for friendship and common development between China and CEE countries. Under the current international and regional circumstances, China is willing to work with all parties concerned to ensure the summit a success, and, through deepening the 16+1 cooperation, to further promote the development of these countries, which is also conducive to a balanced development of Europe and its integration, said Li. The premier will attend a 16+1 leaders' round-table, deliver a speech at an economic and trade forum, and meet with leaders of the CEE countries, according to Liu. The EU will attend the 16+1 meeting as an observer. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Latvia. During his stay here, Li is scheduled to hold talks with his Latvian counterpart Maris Kucinskis, meet with Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis and Parliament Speaker Inara Murniece. 


00:00-00:20 Handshake of the Chinese Prime Minister and President of Latvia
00:20-00:25 Hall of negotiations, the delegations of the two countries
00:25-00:30 Journalists
00:30-00:41 Delegations are seated at the table
00:41-00:48 Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang
00:48-00:58 Start of negotiations
00:58-01:11 Start of negotiations
01:11-01:17 The President Of Latvia Raymond Vejonis
01:17-01:21 Hall talks

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