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Immigration law amendments passed

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Date: 2016-06-09 14:05:17
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:24
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Event description

The Latvian parliament or Saeima passed controversial amendments to the Immigration Law that will see third-country nationals having to pay €5,000 into state coffers to renew residence permits. Saeima passed a number of amendments to the Immigration Law in the final reading after President Raimonds Vejonis initially refused to sign them into law, citing low quality drafting of some amendments. However, despite some tinkering, the version passed Thursday keeps most of the content of the original law in place. According to the amendments, prolonging temporary residence permits will cost €5,000, payable into the state budget, for those third-country citizens who were issued their permits for investing in Latvia. The large sum required for a renewal had been criticized in some quarters as penalising the growing number of middle-class Russians, including many journalists and artists, who have moved to Latvia to enjoy its democratic freedom, while having no impact on the Kremlin-friendly oligarchs who own multi-million euro villas in Jurmala and elsewhere. Only time can tell whether the amendments will drive such people to neighboring countries instead. This will not apply to some categories of investors, for instance, those who invest in state-owned companies, and investors who have bought real estate in Latvia before previous 2014 amendments came into force. The amendments will come into force on July 1, 2016.


Janis Adamsons
the Deputy of Parliament of Latvia

01:54-02:15 (Ru) I offered to our nationals, our coalition to go to Moscow to receive the award for the fact that our parliamentary majority honestly and conscientiously protects the interests of the Russian Federation, which is fighting for investments would not go beyond the borders of Russia.
02:15-02:24 (Ru)  There is no motivation, except that someone from Russia can receive a residence permit. This is absurd!

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