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On the landfill Getlini environmental tomatoes are grown

Video info

Date: 2016-06-10 13:31:10
Duration: 2:46

Event description

In the renovation of the largest in the Baltics waste landfill "Getlini" more than 10 million euros were invested. Thanks to this investment, sorting line, a daily processing 600 tons of waste, was built. 10% of all waste is metal and wood, 30% plastic, 50% biomass and 10% of the waste is buried without processing. Using biomass on the ground helps growing tomatoes. Biomass emits methane gas, the gas heats water, which then heats the greenhouse with tomatoes.


00:00-00:05 Landfill "Getlini"
00:05-00:08 Mountain of garbage
00:08-00:14 Sorting plant, garbage dump
00:14-00:27 Excavator passes the trash
00:27-00:32 Sorting line
00:32-00:38 Conveyor with the sorted garbage
00:38-00:44 Conveyor with the sorted garbage
00:44-00:49 Sorting plant, garbage dump
00:49-00:58 Grader clearing the workshop from the remnants of debris
00:58-01:02 Grader clearing the workshop from the remnants of debris
01:02-01:09 Grader clearing the workshop from the remnants of debris
01:09-01:15 Dump
01:15-01:25 Dump, grader compacts the trash
01:25-01:30 Grader compacts the trash
01:30-01:35 Seagulls fly over garbage
01:35-01:41 Girl picking tomatoes in the greenhouse
01:41-01:46 Greenhouse tomatoes
01:46-01:52 Green tomatoes
01:52-02:00 Green tomatoes
02:00-02:46 Interview with the Director and screening plant Kristaps Balodis


Kristaps Balodis
Director of a screening plant

02:00-02:16 (Lv) Here waste from Riga and the surrounding small towns is taken. Here we screen garbage. Separate from general waste, biomass, plastic, iron.
02:16-02:29 (Lv) Here so everything is dumped and moves on to the sorting. The whole process is automated. Some items for recycling, are separated, for example, using blasting or the electromagnet.
02:29-02:32 (Lv) Every day, we process about 600 tons.
02:32-02:40 (Lv) This sorting line was opened just last year — October 27. To open this workshop took 10 million euros.
02:40-02:46 (Lv) Private investment in this plant Cleaner amounted to 7 million euros and the European co-financing 3 million

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