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Secret maps are on sale in Riga

Video info

Date: 2017-01-30 13:41:34
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 3:6

Event description

In Riga shop "Karšu veikals" geographic maps with an amazing history are sold. Most of them have the inscription in Russian "secret" and personal number of the document. These are maps of the Soviet General staff, which fell into the hands of Latvian entrepreneurs in the early 90-ies. According to store manager Aivars Beldavs, when the Soviet army left in 1994, the officers sold the a few cars of cards that bear the the entire globe. These cards are very popular among tourists and local anglers, who say that the Soviet military topographers have done their job very accurately.


Aivars Beldavs
the store manager

01:35-01:50 (Lv) Main warehouse with maps was in Katrinkalns near Cesis. Many more cards were in Jelgava and here in Riga, at the headquarters of the Baltic military district, on Elizabeth street, the former Kirov.

01:50-02:22 The situation was: the order came to destroy those cards, to pass them for processing to the factory. But the officers who knew, that in Riga recently opened it's doors a shop that sells cards, offered to buy it as scrap paper.

02:22-02:31 In fact, they offered a broader service of sales. There was included even sprats.

02:31-03:06 The volume was huge. It was a lot of wagons loaded with card pilesi. All summer of 93 went on the sorting of these cards. To understand what's what. And then to put it on sale.

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