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Syrian refugees escaping from Latvia

Video info

Date: 2016-09-28 18:08:43
Place: Mucenieki, Latvia
Duration: 1:17

Event description

According to the official data, 21 of 23 adopted by the quota of Syrian refugees, has left Latvia. All of them according to the remaining companions, moved to Germany, where living conditions are better and higher benefits. According to the commitments to the European Union, this year Latvia has to take 530 Syrian refugees. However, the process of acceptance of refugees is difficult. They don't want to go to live in the Baltic States, knowing about low benefits and unfavourable attitudes towards refugees. Those who come, immediately leave to live in Germany, France, and other rich EU countries, after obtaining refugee status.


00:00-00:04 Building of the refugee camp "Mucenieki"
00:04-00:09 The entrance to the camp
00:09-00:14 Sign at the entrance
00:14-00:21 Refugees out of the building
00:21-00:26 Refugees talking and gesticulating
00:26-00:37 Refugees speak
00:37-00:41 The girl-refugee goes to through away the trash
00:41-00:54 The girl-refugee took out the trash
00:54-00:57 The Girl-refugee coming back
00:57-01:08 Male refugees speak
01:08-01:12 The refugee Camp "Mucenieki"
01:12-01:17 The entrance to the building

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