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The disgraced president of the Bank of Latvia gave a press conference

Video info

Date: 2018-02-20 19:06:31
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:4

Event description

President of the Bank of Latvia Ilmar Rimsevich will not resign in connection with allegations of corruption. He claims that he was the victim of a coordinated attack from several commercial banks, for which the figure of the president of the BL became "too uncomfortable." The events of the last week are a combined attack of several commercial banks on the head of the Bank of Latvia in order to discredit the Latvian state. The attack had two goals. First, to turn off the Bank of Latvia from the lawsuit, which will begin in the spring in the United States (we are talking about the lawsuit filed by Norvik to the Latvian state in the case of Winergy - Ed.). Secondly, to force the Bank of Latvia to render "doubtful assistance" in the amount of 1 billion euro to ABLV bank and thus continue to use the financial system of Latvia for money laundering. Banks, according to Rimshevich, coordinated their actions. Rimsevich connects his detention with the US decision to impose sanctions against ABLV Bank. Other banks, which Rimsevich does not name, wanted to settle with him for a decrease in incomes and other insults inflicted by the Bank of Latvia.

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