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The first launch of prototype space rocket held in Latvia

Video info

Date: 2017-04-20 18:21:32
Place: Cesis, Latvia
Duration: 2:53

Event description

The first launch of a prototype space rocket of its own design took place in the Latvian town of Cesis, on the 20th of April. With its help various systems of future missiles which are planned to be launched into space for the withdrawal of a satellite into orbit in 2018, were tested. The start was successful. Work with telemetry sensors, altimeter, detach of the parachute and equipment for live video will be checked while testing over Cesis. Engineers will tell about the results in a week after data analysis. Work on the creation of the first Latvian space rockets began in 2016. In 2018 Latvia is planning to become the 19th space country in the world.


Ilgonis Vilks
Institute of Astronomy, University of Latvia

02:32-02:53 (Ru) At this time, the satellite is launched using multiple rocket stages. It is expensive and very hard. And ั€ัƒะบัƒ you start with a missile, a small compact satellites the size of a palm. we can use this technology.

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