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The protest of health workers was held In Riga, near the Parliament building

Video info

Date: 2016-09-29 16:59:51
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:16

Event description

The action was attended by about 700 people. Doctors are demanding higher wages. Latvian authorities promised to raise the salaries of doctors 2 years ago, however, the money provided for medicine were spent on military issues. The same situation will continue in the future: over the next 3 years the military budget from the current 2% will be raised up to 4%. Unfortunately, increasing the budget for healthcare in Latvia is not provided.


00:00-00:07 The street in front of the Parliament building with protesting doctors
00:07-00:19 Theatrical mini-perfomance
00:19-00:24 Protesters watching mini-perfomance
00:24-00:32 Street, filled with hundreds of protesters
00:32-00:37 Theatrical mini-perfomance
00:37-00:46 Leader of the meeting
00:46-00:55 Leader of the meeting
00:55-01:07 The demonstrators applauded to the speaker
01:07-01:15 Doctors holding posters
01:15-01:19 Participants
01:19-01:26 Participants of the rally with placards in their hands
01:26-01:31 Applause to speakers
01:31-01:37 A poster with the requirements of the physicians to the authorities
01:37-01:44 Poster
01:44-01:55 The participants of the meeting
01:55-02:16 Interview with Ilgar Seiberts, the doctor


Elgars Seiberts

01:55 - 02:16 (LV) Our Government only in words is calling medicine, science and defence a priority. Everything is quite opposite in life. If counting after availability of medical services Latvia is at the 189th place in the world! Even a country like Zimbabwe in Africa is above Latvia!

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