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The trial of Russian national-bolsheviks started in Riga

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Date: 2016-09-12 19:06:47
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 1:5
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Event description

The Riga district court began consideration of the criminal case in which two citizens of Russia are accused of trespassing on a military base in Adazi last summer. Citizens of Russia Alexander Kurkin and Andrey Popko charged with disorderly conduct. Also a political activist Vladimir Linderman is under the case. For disorderly conduct stipulates deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years, a monetary fine or forced labor. Originally Kurkin and Popko were suspected of espionage and attempted terrorist acts. The incident occurred during military exercises Saber Strike 2015, in which the U.S. military participated. The young people climbed over the wall of the base "Adazi", where ripped off the American flag and unfurled a banner in the colors of St. George ribbon. With this flag, the activists marched through the parade ground to the headquarters building of the base, where were arrested.


00:00-00:03 The National-Bolshevik Alexander Kurkin
00:03-00:09 Three defendants
00:09-00:15 The lawyer of the accused, Imma Jansone
00:15-00:20 Three defendants
00:20-00:24 Lawyer Imma Jansone
00:24-00:29 Lawyer Imma Jansone
00:29-00:33 The Coat of Arms of Latvia on the wall
00:33-00:41 The courtroom
00:41-00:46 Accused Vladimir Linderman
00:46-01:05 Interview with defendant Andrey Popko


Andrey Popko

00:46-01:05 (Ru) We are not credited something extra, witnesses say objectively nothing, no things we do they don't say. We do not believe that we are guilty of something.

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