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USS Fort McHenry visited Riga

Video info

Date: 2019-06-26 18:58:50
Place: Riga, Latvia
Duration: 2:18

Event description

Concluding the exercises “Baltops 2019”, the USS amphibious assault ship “USS Fort McHenry” was visiting the Riga passenger port from June 22 to June 26. At the international military exercises “Baltops 2019”, the landing ship “USS Fort McHenry” was transporting US and Spanish marines who participated in the landing operation of a naval landing force off the coast of Estonia. The international military exercises “Baltops 2019” were held in the Baltic Sea from June 9th to 21st in order to improve cooperation and interoperability of the allied forces, strengthening the ability to react quickly using all types of forces, and also demonstrating the determination of allies and partner countries ensure stability in the region and readiness to protect the Baltic Sea region. This year’s exercises were held for the 47th time, and about 8,600 troops, 50 ships, two submarines and 36 aircraft from 18 countries took part in them.

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