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Vilnius residents demand to stop the drug trade in tabor

Video info

Date: 2016-04-07 18:50:39
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 2:40
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Event description

For many years, on the territory where Roma people are living concentrated in the Vilnius, the drug trade takes place. Potion, that is sold there is extremely dangerous, only this year 7 dead young people were found in tabor. Vilnius residents staged a protest and appeal to the authorities of the city, so they take appropriate measures. The protest was more like a theatrical production, and has caused positive emotions in everyone who thinks drugs are evil.


00:00-00:03 Wooden houses, where the Gypsies live
00:03-00:14 Protesters in theatrical costumes of executioners
00:14-00:19 Protesters on the street and demand to stop the drug trade
00:19-00:24 Poster "Here they sell death "
00:24-00:33 participants of the action near one of the narcotic trade point
00:33-00:41 The leader of the event speaking in loudspeaker
00:41-00:48 Participants
00:48-00:54 Participants
00:54-01:02 Protesters at the house where they sell heroin
01:02-01:16 Participants require to put an end to drug trafficking
01:16-01:22 Participants in theatrical costumes
01:22-01:33 Dump the Gypsies made infront of the house
01:33-02:40 Interview with participants


01:33-02:40 (LT) Every year the statistics of deaths becomes worse. Here are the police statistics — in 2013 7 people died of a drug overdose , in 2014 — 15, in 2015 - 21 in 2016 already - 7. It's all from heroin, purchased from the Gypsie. Me, as a father of two children and the pastor should speak, not be silent. Here they sell drugs. Society needs to do something to it.

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