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5 white tiger cubs were born in Klaipeda zoo

Video info

Date: 2015-07-13 11:40:24
Place: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Duration: 1:44

Event description

At the beginning of June,at the zoo of Klaioeda, tigress Jurate delivered 5 white tiger cubs and they already gott into the Lithuanian book of records. The number of cubs - a rarity in the wild nature. Tigress usually produces 1-2 cubs, rarely - 3. The mother of the cubs - white tigress Jurate is 4 years old. Tigress Jurate and her two sisters came to Klaipeda few years ago from Slovakia. All three sisters already became mothers. The first two delivered three babies, and the third - five. The father of all the cubs - three year old white tiger Andrius, which came to Klaipeda from the Czech Republic. Newborn cubs (all 5 girls) weighed only a few hundred grams each, now their weight is about 1.5 kg. it is planned that all baby-tigers will stay in Klaipeda. Now the zoo has completed construction of a large enclosure for the tigers. 


00:00 00:13 tiger growls at the camera
00:13-00:27 an employee of the zoo takes the cub on her hands
00:27-00:33 two cubs lying on the grass
00:33-00:38 all five tiger cubs play with each other
00:38-00:45 two cubs lying on the grass and three cubs more
00:45-00:52 two cubs with blue eyes (large frame)
00:52-00:58 two cubs lying on the grass
00:58-01:03 visitors buy tickets to the zoo
01:03-01:09 visitors buy tickets to the zoo
01:09-01:14 visitors buy tickets to the zoo
01:14-01:44 interview with zoo employee Victoria Teljuvikeite


Victoria Teljuvikeite
01:14-01:35(Lt) The cubs were born in may. Now they are little more than a month. Now they take special drugs for intestinal parasites, will soon be vaccinated. Then we will show them to all visitors. It is necessary that it took another couple of months.
The mother of the cubs is tigress Jurate, dad — Andrius. They live at our place for several years now, we've brought them from other zoos. 

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