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AWACS aircraft visited Šiauliai

Video info

Date: 2016-10-13 19:00:20
Place: Siauliai, Lithuania
Duration: 2:24

Event description

This is a symbolic NATO E-3A AWACS aircraft visit in Lithuania to mark over 1,000 operational flights completed by its crew to ensure security of NATO’s eastern border since the beginning of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Deployment of the NATO E-3A aircraft equipped with AWACS, also known as NATO “eye in the sky”, to the eastern flank of NATO since 2014 is a strong testament to NATO commitment to the allies. NATO E-3A aircraft will continue flying the airspace of the countries in the eastern part of the Alliance. NATO E-3A Component comprises 16 AWACS aircraft based in Geilenkirchen (Germany). The aircraft most often fly at the altitude of 10 km and are capable of detecting aircraft in flight at the radius of 400 km using Doppler radars, or provide control to their own aircraft.


00:00-00:12 The aircraft moving to a parking place
00:12-00:22 The pilot welcomed by the Lithuanian military
00:22-00:28 Pilots communicate
00:28-00:36 The pilot climbs the ladder into the hold of the aircraft
00:36-00:41 The hold of the aircraft
00:41-00:48 The discovery computer
00:48-00:55 Pilots communicate
00:55-01:01 Cockpit
01:01-01:14 Cockpit
01:14-01:20 Cockpit
01:20-01:30 Plane side view
01:30-01:43 Plane front view
01:43-01:50 The tail of the aircraft


AWACS aircraft commander

01:50 - 02:24 (En) We are here to to assure that we will continue flying the assuring measures in the future despite the fact that we will be in operation on the South-eastern boarder of in Europe. This aircraft is so special, because we have different capabilities, despite the possibility to do an air surveillance, and produce and recognize the air picture, we also have a capability to command and control aircraft and to control the fighter aircraft in operations.

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