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Citizen of Lithuania became the first person in the world with bionic arm

Video info

Date: 2014-11-11 16:20:09
Place: Mociskiai, Lithuania
Duration: 1:59

Event description

Lithuanian Martynas Girulis became the first person in the world, to be operated and inliven the  bion prothesis, in the Austrian capital, Vienna. This prosthesis differs from the conventional by equippement with electrodes, responsive to brain and send nerve impulses. Bion hand was worth 320,000 litas (92,000 euros), most of the sum diverted by Health Insurance Fund. The operation in Austria also costed a lot. It was financed the Girulis' family and charities. 


Martin Girulis
01:17-01:40(lt) They have taken the muscle from the leg and transplanted in the arm, shoulder, here in this place. And then took nerves from the neck and transferred them to these muscles. And now I can even manage ... arm ...
01:40-01:59(lt) To make the arm obey first is necessary to focus, to set up for movement to make the hand manageable. Still need training and training for all to be good. But I have already set the goal for myself to make the arm listen to me in a way I want.

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