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Holocaust Escape Tunnel Discovered in Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2016-07-02 10:03:28
Place: Paneriai, Lithuania
Duration: 2:23

Event description

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced that an international team of researchers has discovered the location of a 35 meters-long tunnel that Jewish prisoners dug by hand and spoon to flee a Nazi death camp in Lithuania, confirming a long-told story of one of the Holocaust’s great escapes. In 1943 80 Jewish prisoners secretly started to build a tunnel. For 76 nights, the shackled captives painstakingly carved a tunnel in the direction of the surrounding forest. On the evening of April 15, 1944—the final night of Passover—the prisoners cut their shackles with a nail file and squeezed through the 2-foot-square entrance to the hand-carved tunnel. Between 5 and9 feet below the forest floor, approximately 40 captives crawled through the 35-meters-long tunnel before the noise aroused the attention of the camp’s guards who pursued them with dogs and guns. A dozen prisoners managed to escape into the dark night, and 11 survived to join the partisan forces fighting the Nazis.


Harry Joll
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

01:29-02:23 (En) This location we are looking tomography, putting electrical impulses to the ground, so that they can locate different signatures of the sub-serfice, and these signatures are interprited as the tonnel. We also hava a penetrating radar, which sends FM waves under the ground and those waves can also limit, tonnel where that is. The tonnel is roughly 30 metres long.

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