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The suspects of antigovernmental actions appeared in Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2015-01-14 15:20:09
Place: Trakai, Lithuania
Duration: 1:36

Event description

The apartment of Lithuanian journalist, Milda Bartashunajte, was searched on suspicion of cooperation with Russian special services. Milda posted an appeal to the Russians in the Internet in late 2014, where she criticized the Lithuanian authorities and approved policy of Kreml. After the appeal was published, the journalist was fired from her job in a fashion magazine, she began to receive threats. 


Milda Bartashunaite
00:56-01:16(ru) I see that Lithuania is now occupied, the EU is a dictatorship. We receive directives from Brussels and we all have to perform all duties. This is not an independence anymore.
01:19-01:36(ru) We need to say we're against this, we want to be free for real. I tell everyone about it, but I've been shut up and bring it up to people there is almost no chance.

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