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In Lithuania is discovered CIA prison

Video info

Date: 2013-08-12 15:10:40
Place: Antaviliai, Lithuania
Duration: 2:0

Event description

In 2009, in Lithuania USA ABC broadcaster staff found a secret CIA prison. The prison located in the village of Antaviliai near the cottages of Lithuanian officials, 20 kilometers from Vilnius. It was a riding school in here before. This information was confirmed to ABC journalists by former CIA officer and one of the Lithuanian top officials. According to the channel, a private riding school was acquired by Elite, LLC, registered in the USA, in March 2004. Within a few months the building was transformed: inside, on-site indoor arena, was built wards and rooms for interrogation with concrete walls.
Also the building was equipped with a garage and a system of autonomous power supply with a voltage of 110 volts. The ABC journalists talkers say that the construction of a secret prison was a kind of payment for entry of Lithuania into NATO. In November 2009, members of the Lithuanian Parliament instructed the Committee on National Security and Defence to find out whether there was a secret prison in fact, and if so, how it could be built without government and respective municipalities permission? However, there were no evidences of contained people in this allegedly prison. The case was closed.


Arvydas Darulis
Member of the Parliament of Lithuania (Conservative Party)
01:09-01:34(ru) Based on the investigation the prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit, but it was closed because it was not found any material that would indicate that in Lithuania was any illegal prisoner.
01:34-02:00(ru) Our parliamentary found that part of the security officers took responsibility, which could take only politicians. They did not give information about their actions neither to the president nor other politicians.

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