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A former soldier of Riga OMON Konstantin Mikhailov is judged In Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2014-06-04 15:10:42
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 2:30

Event description

Many years lasts a trial of former Soviet OMON against Konstantin Mikhailov (Nikulin), whom Lithuanian prosecutors accused of involvement in the attack on Myadininkay chechkpoint in 1991 and the murder of Lithuanian officials. If Mikhailov will be convicted under the "crime against humanity", will enter into force  the sentence of life imprisonment. According to the prosecution, at the early morning of 31st of July 1991 at checkpoint "Medininkay" on the border of Lithuania and Belarus arrived "UAZ", which arrived four Riga OMON agents. Menacing with a gun, they herded into a service van and shot eight traffic policemen, the Department of National Defence and the Lithuanian Special Forces soldiers of the detachment "Aras". Miraculously survived a badly wounded Thomas Shyarnas remaining disabled. Later he accused of a crime Riga OMON staff - Czeslav Mlynnik and three of his subordinates LaktionovAndrew, Alexander Ryzhov and Konstantin Mikhailov  (then he had surname Nikulin). In that period they were on a business trip on the base of the Vilnius OMON. 


Saulius Versatskas
prosecuting attorney
01:10-02:04(ru) According to the decision of the first instance, by the decision of the District Court, he was sentenced under article "murder", but prosecutors filed a request to the Court of Appeal to qualify his actions under the section "crime against humanity" with life imprisonment.

Arunas Marcinkevicius
02:04-02:30(ru) Protection unconvinced. There is no reason to keep a person in custody, there is no reason for the previous sentence, as well there is no reason for a new article, "crimes against humanity".

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