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Lithuania terminated work of APS

Video info

Date: 2013-08-30 15:50:25
Place: Visaginas, Lithuania
Duration: 2:12

Event description

Ignalina APS in Lithuania was built in 1983 and consisted of two world's most powerful operating units - 1600 MW each. It was assumed that with the beginning of the third and fourth units, Ignalina APS will be able to provide energy to the entire West of the Soviet Union. However, after independence, people of Lithuania considered dangerous to continue to work in the Soviet Union built units. In early 2010, has been completely terminated the APS work. But just to close the enterprise is not possible, a nuclear reaction in one second can not be stopped. 25 years more nuclear engineers have to follow how the processes of half-life in the shutdown reactor is going. Only then the last employee can leave APS. Closure of Ignalina APS negatively impact on the economy, experts admit. The cost of electricity for consumers increased by 30%, the energy dependence on a single supplier - Russia - 80%), and in the future for a long period will also have to pay for the ordering and storage of radioactive waste plant.


Natalia Survila
ASP representative
01:40-02:12(ru) When we joined the EU, one of the conditions was to close our APS. There were fears that we reactors of the same type as the Chernobyl APS where the incident occurred. Previously, there were employed 5000 people. At the moment, only a little more than 2000.

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