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NATO general visited Lithuania

Video info

Date: 2016-03-24 19:36:10
Place: Rukla, Lithuania
Duration: 2:18

Event description

The Commander of the U.S. Army Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges have a visit lithuanian training area of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf” in Rukla , where military presentation of allied forces in the Baltic States will be held. He said the US is preparing to strengthen its power in Europe, the rotation will come to Lithuania even more US troops. Recently, the U.S. administration has announced planning to fourfold the ERI funding up to 3.4 billion U.S. dollars for fiscal year 2017 amid the U.S. efforts to increase its presence in Europe and Lithuania as well.


00:10-00:17 The house which hold the "terrorists"
00:11-00:17 Lithuanian troops are going to attack
00:17-00:20 "terrorists" are protected, shoot from the machine gun
00:20-00:36 The battlefield
00:36-00:48 The officers watching the fight
00:48-00:54 The officers discuss the course of the battle
00:54-01:00 American soldiers preparing for battle cannon
01:00-01:09 On the drills came Minister of Defence of Lithuania
01:09-01:16 Tank quickly drove past
01:16-02:18 Interview with Gen. Ben Hodges


Gen. Ben Hodges

01:16-01:41 (En) Obviously we are all working very hard at be enable to prevent that A2AD capability that Russians and Putin can agreed to mitigate against that risk. It would not be appropriate to explain how we gonna do this, but all of us are focused on that.

01:41-02:18 (En) Plans and capabilities that required have to include special forces: air forces, maritime forces. Not just land forces. I think, that alliance has taking a right approach on this with improvements of things like VJTF - Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, the NATO force integration unit. All of this things will help us improve our speed and that will give us best chances to deter Russia from ever creating the crisis.

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