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Residential bunker for sale!

Video info

Date: 2018-07-25 16:05:02
Place: Taurage, Lithuania
Duration: 1:10

Event description

You can buy bunkers (bomb shelters) in Lithuania. On one of the popular portals there is an announcement that in Tauragė for 14,900 euros a concrete bunker is being sold, the thickness of the walls is two meters. The announcement says that the house, built in 1940 on a plot of 3.9 hundred parts, is being sold. It is located 3.8 km from Tauragė bus station. In Lithuania in 1941, about 300 similar structures were built. It is possible that they are selling a bunker intended to protect the railway leading to the Kaliningrad region. According to the researchers, about 60 such bunkers could be left in Tauragė district, which formed the Molotov line. The so-called "Molotov Line" began in Palanga and went along the borders of the countries occupied after 1940 - Lithuania, Eastern Poland, Bessarabia. It was assumed that about 300 such bunkers were built in Lithuania, and 1500 were planned.

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