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Several hundreds dairy farmers stage protest in Vilnius center

Video info

Date: 2016-03-30 15:35:00
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 2:43

Event description

The Lithuanian Milk Producers Association on March 30th staged a protest in the center of Vilnius in an attempt to draw attention to problems plaguing the dairy sector. The demonstration, which drew several hundreds of protesters, started near the house of parliament on Wednesday morning. Farmers brought a cow’s skeleton in a car trailer to the site of the picket and some of the protesters disguised as cows. The Lithuanian parliament last week passed legislative amendments providing for regulation of milk prices. This, however, drew a negative response from many milk processing companies and some dairy farmers. Dairy farmers should be paid 18 million euros in compensation from the budget early in April. In February, Lithuania asked the European Commission to provide additional 75 million euros in support for the country’s dairy sector.


00:00-00:06 Woman in a cow costume ringing in the bell
00:06-00:13 From the truck is unloaded cow skeleton
00:13-00:27 cow hooves and rocks
00:27-00:29 Cow skeleton
00:29-00:36 Prospect Gedemino
00:36-00:42 Protesters
00:42-00:49 Posters with unpopular politics
00:49-00:55 Bottle with milk
00:55-01:01 Protesters
01:01-01:05 Poster with the cow
01:05-01:17 Prospect Gedemino
01:17-01:23 Young farmers
01:23-01:31 The cow hay
01:31-01:37 Procession
01:37-01:47 Procession
01:47-02:43 Interview with participants


Rally members

01:47-02:43 (LT) We went to the protest, and the cow remained untill. Damages is difficult to calculate. In misery we consider every penny. We have no money to go to here, only going on foot. Fleas and those dying of hunger. We were in Brussels! We were given EUR 12.5 million and that as much again you should your state. So if Brussels did not go their to nothing ever waited!

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