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Soviet policeman sentenced to life in prison. News from Lithuania.

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Date: 2017-02-28 20:39:51
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 2:43

Event description

On Tuesday the panel of judges of the Lithuanian Supreme court rejected the complaint of lawyers of the former OMON fighter Konstantin Mikhailov, sentenced to life imprisonment in the case of the death of the border guards at the checkpoint "Medininkai" in 1991. Earlier, the defense asked the court to void all charges against their client and drop the case, placing emphasis on the incorrect application of the Criminal code. The Supreme court ordered Mikhailov to pay damages in the amount of 653 thousand and 85 Euro. The prisoner was not present in the court room on Tuesday, it was attended only by his lawyers. Mikhailov was arrested in November 2007 in Riga. In January 2008 he was transferred to Lithuania, where he was charged with that in July 1991, when the Latvia Republic independence from the Soviet Union was still not recognized, he participated in the murder of seven Lithuanian customs officers on an Outpost Medininkai South-East from Vilnius, and inflicting serious injuries to another Lithuanian officer. In May 2011, the Vilnius regional court found him guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment. 


Vytautas Musicas
the judge 

01:17-02:43 (LT) Action of Konstantin Mikhailov is qualified as murder, for which he was sentenced to life in prison. Mikhailov convicted under article 100 of the criminal code of the Republic of Latvia to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. The Supreme court has considered the complaint of the convicted person and agreed that the penalty is correct. Mikhailov attacked residents of a foreign country, who executed the orders of the Soviet leadership and the Communist party.

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