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The armed criminal arrested in Vilnius

Video info

Date: 2015-11-20 10:33:43
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 0:55
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Event description

On November, 19 evening, the police Commissariat of Vilnius reported that a man armed with a Kalashnikov AK-74 goes around the town. On November 20 morning, the criminal was detained. As it turned out the 24 year old Igor Molotkov was driven by the police to a medical examination in terms of the earlier criminal case. On the way, the policemen looked into the Commissariat. After the police commissioner got out of the car, the victim had grabbed the gun that was left in the car, and ran away. He, at gunpoint, left the territory of the police station, climbing over the fence. The AK-74 were distributed to all Lithuanian policemen after the terrorist attack in Paris. Now it becomes clear why the detainee was not handcuffed and why the cop wasn't holding a weapon. In the end, Igor Molotkov was detained in one of the houses on the street Pelesos in the shower for general use. Police spoke to the offender and persuaded to surrender. The gun was later found at the railway station. The offender just threw it away.


00:00-00:05 the Central street of Vilnius, police car overtakes traffic jam
00:05-00:12 Police car with lights crossing the street
00:12-00:14 Police car at full speed hurtles past the camera
00:14-00:21 Street, blocked with police cars
00:21-00:24 The police arrives to the scene of the crime
00:24-00:29 Police are waiting for the order
00:29-00:36 Police car drives past
00:36-00:39 Policeman looks at a puddle
00:39-00:42 Traffic jam
00:42-00:46 Two police officers in a hurry
00:46-00:55 Police car is moving across the lawn

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