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The court acquitted the Soviet officers accused of war crimes

Video info

Date: 2015-06-04 19:00:29
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 1:0

Event description

Vilnius regional court acquitted former commander of the detachment of special police (OMON) Boleslav Makutinovic and Vladimir Rozvodov accused of war crimes committed in 1991. Soviet officers Makutinovic and Razvodov were charged that from January to August 1991 they terrorized and intimidated officials recently of restored independent Lithuania. The court ruled that the responsibility for the actions of riot police officers may be only lied on the leadership of the former USSR. In addition, under international law for the crimes charged officers could be judged only if they carried out illegal actions in conditions of war or occupation. The court stated that in 1991, in Lithuania there was neither martial law, nor an armed conflict or occupation, which means Soviet officers are not guilty. Both defendants reside in Russia, the trial was held without their participation.


00:00-00:09 courtroom prosecutors and lawyers are waiting for the verdict
00:09-00:17 courtroom, prosecutors and lawyers are waiting for the verdict
00:17-00:23 the prosecutor and counsel waiting for the sentencing
00:23-00:34 documents on the case of former Soviet officers
00:34-00:41 courtroom
00:41-00:46 the judge read out the verdict
00:46-00:54 the entrance to the District court of Vilnius
00:54-01:00 the building of the District Prosecutor's office, Vilnius

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