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The soldiers protect the city of Klaipeda

Video info

Date: 2016-03-12 19:39:46
Place: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Duration: 2:26
FullHD video size: 172.76 MB
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SD video size: 78.67 MB
720x576, 16:9, 25 fps, Progressive

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Event description

Operation Lightning Strike is aimed at training the country’s armed forces to carry out operations alongside units subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior. It will also concentrate on the armed forces’ interaction with civilian institutions in the event of hybrid warfare. A series of threats ranging from hybrid warfare to a terrorist attack will be simulated during the exercise. The main focus of the operation is the protection of strategic infrastructure, and exercise will involve the LNG terminal, Klaipeda Seaport, and other surroundings. According to the MoD, around 3,000 troops and around 200 civilians will take part in the exercise. An additional 3,000 reserve troops will also be called to attend.


00:00-00:04 "Saboteurs" are on the main street
00:04-00:11 "Saboteurs" in position for firing
00:11-00:15 "Saboteurs" giving commands to companions
00:15-00:20 Group of "saboteurs" retreating under fire of Lithuanian special forces
00:20-00:27 "Saboteurs" run across the road
00:27-00:32 "Divergent" with a grenade launcher runs for the position
00:32-00:37 Two "commandos" are preparing for the defense
00:37-00:41 Lithuanian members of spetsnaz blocked the battlefield
00:41-00:46 "Diversants" ready for defense
00:46-00:50 Commando with binoculars figures out how to attack "saboteurs"
00:50-00:52 Special forces begin shelling the positions of the "saboteurs"
00:52-00:56 Commando conducts aimed fire
00:56-00:59 Commando conducts aimed fire
00:59-01:04 Lithuanian special forces take their "wounded" away
01:04-01:12 "Saboteur" shoots at passers-by
01:12-01:17 The battle
01:17-01:21 The smoke from the grenade explosion
01:21-01:25 Special forces provide first aid to the "wounded"
01:25-01:30 Commando takes aim at "the saboteur"
01:30-01:35 "Wounded" stack on a stretcher
01:35-01:39 "Wounded" is strapped down to the stretcher
01:39-01:43 Male nurses carry the wounded on stretchers
01:43-01:51 Armoured personnel carrier
01:51-01:57 Fortified "saboteurs" area
01:57-02:03 "the Saboteur" stands at the truck
02:03-02:07 "the Saboteur" stands at the truck
02:07-02:12 Barricade, which was erected by "saboteurs"
02:12-02:17 "Saboteurs"
02:17-02:26 Interview with the resident of Klaipeda - Renata


the resident of Klaipeda

02:17 - 02:26 (LT) I think such exercises are necessary, in the world different situations happen and we must be prepared.

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