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The trial of the Soviet officers is continuing in Vilnius

Video info

Date: 2016-10-03 10:05:41
Place: Vilnius, Lithuania
Duration: 1:34

Event description

The trial of the Soviet officers involved in the storming of the Vilnius TV tower on 13 January 1995 was resumed six months later in Vilnius. 62 people charged with committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. The defendants are two persons, more than 60 defendants prosecuted in absentia because they are hiding in Russia or Belarussia. The trial was suspended for six months because the prosecution was required to cross-examine the witness - the then leader of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. But he ignored the request of the Lithuanian court and the meeting was postponed for six months. This case is one of the largest in scope and the number of accused cases in the history of the courts in independent Lithuania. The victims in this case - are nearly 500 people, witnesses - about a thousand. The case consists of 709 volumes, only one indictment - of 13 volumes. On the night of 13th of January, 1991, when Soviet troops stormed the Vilnius TV tower and the building of the Committee for television and radio broadcasting, 14 people were killed.


00:00-00:06 The courtroom
00:06-00:11 Yuri Mel talking to a lawyer Galina Kardanovska
00:11-00:17 Yuri Mel talking to a lawyer Galina Kardanovska
00:17-00:21 The courtroom
00:21-00:26 Lawyers talking
00:26-00:32 Lawyers prepare for the process
00:32-00:37 The lowyer for the accused
00:37-00:43 Lawyers play with a smartphone
00:43-00:48 The representative of the Russian Embassy
00:48-00:53 Second defendant, not in custody
00:53-01:00 The conference room
01:00-01:11 Yuri Mel talking to a lawyer Galina Kardanovska
01:11-01:34 Interviews with the defendant's attorney Galina Kadanovska


Galina Kaganovska
the lawyer of accused Yury Mel
01:00-01:11 (RU) my client is in fighting mood, awake. He is not giving up, he hopes that the court will fairly consider the case.
01:11-01:34 (RU) of Course, it turned out to be extreme in this situation. Because his role in 1991 was the most miserable. Nothing depended on him, he solved nothing and had no influence on these orders. He was a simple executive of orders.

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