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There are huge lines on a Lithuanian borders

Video info

Date: 2015-12-26 08:56:59
Place: Kybartai, Lithuania
Duration: 1:37

Event description

A huge lines of trucks accumulated on the border between Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia. At a conservative estimate, up to five hundred loaded wagons accumulated at the checkpoint Kibartaj. According to drivers words, the fault lies in the Russian customs officers,who are slow at their work. As a result, the drivers have to pay fines for each superfluous day of staying in Lithuania. Lithuania introduced a special tax for Russian truckers on Monday. It is 11 euros per day or 57 per week. Those drivers who do not have enough hours to leave the territory of Lithuania, have to dorsopathy permission to stay in Lithuania.


00:00-00:07 Freight truck arrives to Lithuanian-Russian border
00:07-00:12 Trucks backing up in the queue
00:12-00:19 Huge line of tracks
00:19-00:24 Huge line of tracks
00:24-00:31 The driver sits in the cockpit waiting for his turn
00:31-00:39 "Vignette" - sticker allowing the driver to remain in Lithuania
00:39-00:43 The sign of the direction of movement in the border
00:43-00:49 Trucks backing up in the queue
00:49-00:59 Kaliningrad sign
00:59-01:04 Trucks gathering in the queue
01:04-01:12-Truck gathering in the queue
01:12-01:37 Interview wit truck driver Alexey


the trucker

01:12-01:37 (Ru) Of course, this has become much more difficult to work. Everything is new, nobody knows anything, does not understand. Constantly some problems arise. Someone doesn't know where to buy a "vignette" (proof of right to pass through), someone doesn't know how to use it, numbers to fill in. I had to ask the Lithuanian official herself to fill in the document.

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